Somatosphere: A Medical Anthropology Blog

Screenshot of the group blog.

Medical Anthropology is an important disciplinary focus within Anthropology, focusing on the intersection of human cultural and biological processes, past and present, and the institutional engagement with culturally-specific notions of health and disease.  There is a good encyclopedic overview of the field here (PDF). is a well-written and accessible medical anthropology blog which aims to cover the the intersections of medical anthropology, science and technology studies, cultural psychiatry and bioethics.  It’s a group blog, meaning there are multiple authors, and this helps keep it fresh and up to date.  Some posts which are worth checking out over there, and give a sense of the breadth of the blog, include:

The target audience of the blog would include undergraduate and graduate students, medical and technology professionals, faculty, and anyone with an interest in the cultural construction of health or the body.

Medical Anthropology has long been a strength of the Anthropology Faculty at U.Vic, with interdisciplinary approaches by Peter Stephenson, Eric Roth, and Lisa Mitchell leading the way.  Recent (downloadable) student theses from our students on medical anthropological topics, include those by Claire Sieber, Lisa Pender, and Michelle Hardy.   

Medical Anthropology is also finding new points of contact and collaboration in all four of the new integrative themes, around which the U.Vic Anthropology graduate program is now organized.


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