Jody Weir’s Lemur Research Blog

UVIC Anthropology/Biology Ph.D. student Jody Weir doing research in Madagascar. Click to watch video.

U.Vic Ph.D. student (Interdisciplinary between Anthropology and Biology) has been keeping a highly entertaining blog while conducting her year-long primatology fieldwork in Madagascar.

Jody is principally interested in animal behaviour and it’s applications to conservation. She has worked with dolphins in New Zealand, sea turtles in Barbados and whales and other marine mammals in British Columbia.

Her current Ph.D. research at UVic is focused on infant development in the two largest species of lemur alive today, especially how the young learn to feed. Her field research is based out of a small camp in the Maromizaha rainforest of Madagascar – she’s been there a few months at this point. Her primary supervisor is Dr. Lisa Gould, a Primatologist in the Anthropology Department and a noted authority on Lemurs.

Her blog largely consists of short video clips she has uploaded to YouTube.  Each one encapsulates a tiny sliver of life in a remote camp, a snippet of information about lemurs, or a micro-lesson in conservation biology and primatology. This clip is especially valuable as it encapsulates her research goals and the context of her project.

The first post is found here, if you want to work through them sequentially.  Jody also has some photos online through flickr.  Her research demonstrates the intersections between Anthropology and Conservation Biology, and the crucial role that primatology plays in understanding the deepest foundations of human behaviour.

It’s wonderful to see the effort Jody makes to bring her research to the world through her blog and accompanying videos.

Baby Diademed Sifaka Lemur clings to its mother at Maromizaha Protected Forest. Click to watch video.


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