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In Defence of Anthropology

Screenshot of Governor Scott on Anthropology. Source: TampaBay.com

There’s been a bit of controversy making the rounds recently since the Governor of Florida started using Anthropology as an example of a degree program which that state’s universities could use a bit less of.  Well, fortunately there is concerted and highly effective push-back on this notion.  The American Anthropological Association issued a strongly worded, if rather generic, letter (PDF).  The Chair of the Anthropology Department at University of South Florida was more eloquent:

Anthropologists at USF work side by side with civil and industrial engineers, cancer researchers, specialists in public health and medicine, chemists, biologists, and others in the science, technology, and engineering fields that the Governor so eagerly applauds. Our colleagues in the natural, engineering, and medical sciences view the anthropological collaboration as absolutely essential to the success of their research and encourage their students to take courses in anthropology to help make them better scientists.

Noted blogger Daniel Lende has a roundup of some of the reaction here, while Kristina Killgrove responds as well: Continue reading


Nicolas Ellwanger on Primatology as Anthropology

The Essence of Primates: An Opposable Thumb. Cover of Anthropologies, Issue 5. Photo: Ryan Anderson, 2011

It’s a great pleasure to be reading a cogent piece of online Anthropology and find it was written by a recent UVic Anthropology graduate.  This was the case when looking in the archives of the fairly new, excellent website Anthropologies.  The piece by Nicolas Ellwanger (M.A. 2007) is titled Primatology as Anthropology, and in it he makes a clear and compelling statement about how the study of non-human primates enhances the Anthropological project – indeed is integral to the project as a whole.   Continue reading