The Department

The Department of Anthropology at the University of Victoria is going through exciting changes.  We have a new cohort of faculty who teach broadly across the traditional subfields of  Cultural, Biological and Archaeological Anthropology, with new courses being added each semester.  We are expanding our offerings in field schools and many of our students have exciting placements in the Co-op education program.

Additionally, our graduate teaching, which features a new Ph.D. program is now structured around themes which cross-cut these traditional subfields.  Graduate students take core seminars in the four themes of “Indigenous Peoples“, “Inequality, Culture and Health“, “Evolution and Ecology” and “Visual Anthropology and Materiality“.

Our faculty conduct research across the world, from Ghana to Iceland, from Madagascar to downtown Victoria.  As our Chair, Ann Stahl, writes in herwelcome message:

Anthropology reminds us that humans are equipped to live a thousand different lives, and the ones we end up living are shaped by the cultural contexts in which we grow up and live. At the same time, anthropology reminds us of what unifies our human existence–the joys and sorrows of life and death, the biological rhythms and ecological relations that shape our passage in the world, and our shared ancestry with other humans and our primate relatives.

In these challenging times of increasing globalization and multiculturalism, of anthropogenic environmental and ecological damage to the planet and its peoples, and of new media which enable the fracturing and suturing of new communities, recognition of our shared heritage of diversity and human resilience is more important than ever. We therefore believe that Anthropology provides an exceptional perspective for helping us to understand who we are, how we got here, and where we are going.

This blog will be one way we share our experiences in research and teaching, and foster a sense of community within the department and beyond.


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